The Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Herbal teas can relieve problems such as sleeplessness, menstrual cramps and anxiety. Here are a few that boast health benefits

The Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Chamomile tea
Chamomile isn’t just for helping you relax. Several of its chemical compounds, especially bisabolol, act as antispasmodics: They relax the smooth muscles that line the digestive tract and uterus, easing after-meal stomach dis­comfort and soothing menstrual cramps.

Chaga tea
The chaga mushroom, a fungus that grows on birch trees, is believed to be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and high in antioxidants, and may even protect against cancer. A 2004 study published in the journal BioFactors found that chaga mushroom extract offers cellular protection against DNA damage.

Dandelion root
As a bitter herb, dandelion root stimulates gastrointestinal function, and is traditionally used for indigestion and mild constipation. It is also a popular caffeine-free alter­native to coffee, and a pleasant way to stimulate digestion before or after a heavy meal.

Lemon balm tea
Lemon balm’s mild mood-enhancing, sedative effects are commonly used to treat issues such as sleep disorders, restlessness, anxiety and depression. It may dull alertness, however, so avoid it when you’re doing activities for which you need to be sharp, such as driving.

Raspberry leaf tea
Raspberry leaves contain fragrine, a substance that helps ease menstrual cramping. It can also lighten excessive bleeding. But if you have a hormone-sensitive health issue, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your healthcare­ practitioner about whether it’s safe for you.

Ginger tea
Ginger has been clinically proven as a safe, effective remedy for the prevention and treatment of nausea. It can also help with indigestion and flatulence.

Fennel tea
With a flavour similar to licorice, fennel tea is used to soothe an upset stomach.

Tea from this mint plant is refreshing and may stimulate digestion.

*As with anything taken for medicinal purposes, read the product’s label carefully, and talk to your medical practitioner about possible side effects, or interactions with medications or any health conditions you have.

The Health Benefits of Herbal Tea
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