How to Cook Beets: Easy Step-by-Step Guides

Beets are a nutritious addition to meals but cooking them can be intimidating. Here are easy how-to guides for the best cooking methods for beets.

Beets are a deliciously sweet and gorgeously hued addition to so many dishes. They also happen to be rich in antioxidants and nutrients like folate, manganese, and potassium. Yet many home cooks wonder “So, just how do you cook raw beets?” We get it, cooking beets can seem daunting! This step-by-step guide will show you how to prepare beets and how to cook fresh beets using a few simple techniques. We’ll cover how to cook beets in the oven, cooking beets on the stove, how to cook beets for salad, and even how to cook beet greens. This guide will also give you recipe inspiration for enjoying all varieties of beets from mildly flavored golden to traditional ruby red to heirloom Chioggia beets with stunning red and white stripes.

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