What is camphor? Health benefits of camphor and interesting uses

These little white cubes are much more than just an inseparable part of the Indian rituals. An extract of Asian evergreen plants, camphor and its oil has some incredible health benefits. However, when it comes to home remedies to cure several diseases, our knowledge is just so limited. Read on as we share some amazing facts about camphor.

What is camphor?
Camphor is scientifically known as Cinnamomum Camphora, which is a bright white cube and has a strong piquant aroma. From rituals to medicines, the traces of camphor as a wonder ingredient is pretty evident in the ancient books of Ayurveda.

Origin of camphor?
This white, transleucent and waxy substance is a part of the stem of camphor laurel, which is a large evergreen tree found in Asian countries like Borneo and Sumatra island. What makes, camphor a powerful ingredient used for several medicines is its strong aroma and oil extract.
What makes the origin of camphor so interesting is that it hails from the laurel family, which is scientifically known as Ocotea usambarensis. The strong essence of extracted camphor oil is often used for medicinal purposes, as an embalming fluid, cooking and religious ceremonies. Camphor is majorly found in Asian countries. In fact, another source of camphor is the Camphor basil, which is the parent of African blue basil.

Health benefits of camphor
Remember the vapour rubs used to treat headaches and common flu, which was nothing less than a miracle for running nose and congestion; Well, one of the basic ingredient of these cold relieving balms was none other than camphor. Packed with the goodness of nature both camphor and its oil can cure several diseases. Here’s how camphor can work as a perfect home remedy for various health issues.

Treats Cold and Cough
Camphor helps in treating cold and cough and relieves throat congestion. Camphor oil is one of the major ingredients used in many pain relieving balms and decongestants. You can also add black grapes and barley water to your diet to get rid of cold and cough.

Camphor can reduce swelling
Camphor can effectively help in swelling and relieving pain. It works as a natural remedy for joint pains and muscle pain. It works as a counter irritant on the skin, which helps in reducing skin redness and inflammation. The application of camphor is proper proportions can help in reducing body aches.

Instant cure for Fungus
Camphor oil can effectively treat fungal infections and fungus deposits. It can easily cure issues like onychomycosis, which can clear the fungi deposit much faster than any other medication.

Camphor is good for skin diseases
Camphor and camphor oil works wonder for skin and can cure various skin diseases like Eczema. The strong essence of camphor can relieve pain, irritation and inflammation caused due to eczema. In fact, most of the the ointments, lotions and creams used to treat eczema are prepared with camphor as a main ingredient. You can add also add noni juice to your diet as it helps in

Camphor is a sleep inducer
There’s no better sleep inducer than camphor oil. It has been used as a sleep inducer since ages and can work wonders. It also helps in curing diseases like insomnia and other sleep disorders. You can also add saffron and chamomile tea to your daily diet these herbs can naturally induce sleep.


Tips to use camphor

To induce sleep you can rub a few drops of camphor oil on the pillow.

It can effectively cure cold and congestion, by rubbing a few drops of this wonder oil on the chest, neck and back.

Camphor oil helps in relieving joint pains and muscle spasm.

Camphor can also be used to treat diseases like eczema, a few drops of this oil can help in curing skin diseases.

Camphor oil can be used to boost hair growth and it also adds shine to the hair.

If hair lice is your problem, then there’s no better solution than using camphor oil.

It is also used to get rid of cockroaches and other insects by keeping it at infected areas.

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